You have always seemed to maintain close ties with your coaches

The Knicks teams you played for in the 1980s, there were a lot of injuries there. Bernard King had his knee problem. You had a foot issue and missed a whole year. How good could those teams have been if healthy?

I don’t know. I played my first two years and I didn’t miss a game. And then I was injured just most of the time for a while. It was kind of one of those things where timing has got to be there, and besides that, I was still ā€” there were still some formidable teams in the East. The Sixers still had Doc and the fricking Celtics were just getting warmed up. Even though we did have some good teams, we just had a lot of formidable teams to deal with. But we had injuries.

You have always seemed to maintain close ties with your coaches, even the coaches you had before the NBA. Why is that?
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Maybe I have been lucky. My high school coach is in Palm Springs now. I am still touch with him. As well as my college coach, Bob Gaillard, and my second college coach, Dan Belloumini. I have always just been able to pick up the phone if I have questions or need advice. And those guys are pretty good about it, too. They’ll pick up the phone and call you.

Did those connections make you always want to be a coach? When did it occur to you that you wanted to coach?
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It comes with the territory. You kind of have to be built for this. There are certain things they can’t prepare you for. It has to be for you to learn to not take stock in things people say on Twitter. I’ve had people say the craziest sā€” to me then when I say, what, they all get like, oh, I just wanted you to respond. Like, what kind of BS is that? But it’s what people do.

Lots of people dream about the life we live in the NBA. They want it, and if I’m man enough to accept that, then I have to be man enough to accept the negative. But, of course, my clap back and block game strong, too.

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