There are obvious situations in which teams should keep their points

There are obvious situations in which teams should keep their points — to tie or take the lead in a close game, for one — but early in a game, when the only goal should be to score as many points as possible, coaches need to be open to the idea of leaving their offense on the field to score a touchdown. Since kickers are better than ever before and turnover rates are at their lowest since 1932, the chances are slim that an offense will take three off the board and end up with zero.

These numbers account for the risk of Justin Faulk Jersey turning the ball over or not scoring at all versus the reward of scoring a touchdown. In a vacuum, when you expect to score more than three points from a given yard line, you should wipe the field goal off the board and go back out on offense. Just about every feasible situation in which you would be kicking a field goal seems to suggest that taking the points off Nathan Gerbe Jersey of the board is the superior option. Even if you are conservative and have an subpar field goal kicker, a new set of downs would most likely get you inside the 30-yard line. Send your quarterback back out there, coach.

Never throw when you’re running a four-minute offense to kill clock.

His team has made the playoffs for 25 consecutive seasons, a streak unheard of in hockey these days. In all of sports, really. Holland wants a 26th. He just wasn’t willing to concede the Eastern Conference to the Tampa Bay Lightning, Washington Capitals or Pittsburgh Penguins — or willing to make way for young teams making strides in the East like the Toronto Maple Leafs and Buffalo Sabres.

So when Pavel Datsyuk left after 14 seasons as a Wing, Holland replaced him with Frans Nielsen. When he saw a weakness in his team’s power play, Holland addressed it by adding Thomas Vanek. The GM thought his dressing room needed more personality and spark. Enter Steve Ott, who has both oozing from his pores. Constantly.

A rebuild? No thanks. That’s not something Holland is interested in undertaking.

Defenseman Mike Green, right — who notched his first career hat trick in the Red Wings’ home opener — and young star Dylan Larkin have teamed up to lead Detroit to a 6-2-0 start in their second season together.

“There are no guarantees with rebuilds,” Holland said after the Red Wings practiced on Wednesday. “There are no guarantees you’re going to come out the other side and you’re going to be elite.”

Rarely do playoff teams initiate their own rebuild. Rebuilds are the result of a team petering out for some reason, a franchise that has reached the end of the line. Not a team with a rich history of success that is the result of decades instilling a culture of winning and playing the right way into every player who enters the organization.

Chicago, for example, won a Stanley Cup with Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews still playing on their entry-level deals. Then they got matching contracts for five years and $6.3 million. Then came the monster deals worth $10.5 million per season. To land those players, Chicago fans had to endure a decade in which the Blackhawks made the playoffs just once. Teams don’t have to do that anymore.

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