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Newton started both games.

He started them even though, while the Panthers had said they had found no damage in his shoulder from Week 14, they in fact had seen the tear.
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Alternative facts, NFL style.

Fine. Lie to us. The public is used to it, and it expects nothing more from this league. But the Panthers likely didn’t lie to Newton — they just let him play hurt in borderline-meaningless games.

Also remember this: It had been recommended (at least it was here) that it was already time to sit him down for the season, because his health was in danger from the NFL continuing to refuse to call obvious illegal hits on him.

That was a season-long problem, again, starting with that Thursday night opener — and continuing in the very next game after his injury, in Washington on Monday night, when he not only didn’t draw a flag for a late helmet-to-helmet hit, but was penalized himself for taunting. Once again, a national audience saw a league operating with two sets of rules, for Newton and for every other marquee quarterback.

There are certainly some (hits) that are deserving (of ejections), Berry told CBS Sports. But there are also some where the receiver is up in the air and the defensive player doesn’t launch, but he’s also changing his vertical plane. Where do you gauge hitting that person? That’s a tough thing to do instantaneously.

Athletically, I don’t even know if they’re capable of doing that at the college level. Even the NFL guys can’t pull that off, either.

Game Shaquil Barrett Jersey That — the arbitrary nature of a human official’s call in the moment — is the tricky part. At least the NFL has acknowledged that intent often is impossible to judge. That’s the case even upon replay review.