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The signs of promise Jay Cutler showed last year have dissipated

The goal: pick out teams in which the future looks either dramatically better or worse than it did when the season started.

Even given low expectations, the Bears have been disappointing. Injuries have ravaged Chicago, with 14 players on injured reserve and free-agent-to-be Alshon Jeffery suspended. The signs of promise Jay Cutler showed last year have dissipated, and the expected improvement from the defense has pushed them to only 24th in defensive DVOA. The development of first-round pick Leonard Floyd — who has 4.5 sacks and six hits over the past three weeks — is promising, but there are precious few building blocks on this team, which looks to be years away Eric Ebron Authentic Womens Jersey from contending with the QB situation a mystery.

So who is the best wide receiver in the NFL right now? With the help of six NFL assistant coaches and personnel, we reached a verdict. And the results might surprise you.

The NFL rulebook also uses this umbrella to address random (or seemingly random) turns of fate. If a player is knocked down on the field of play by, say, a photographer who is out of position, the play is to be ruled palpably unfair and the assumed yardage is to be marked off. And the commissioner has the right to overturn the outcome of a game because of a palpably unfair act that wasn’t adjudicated adequately by the referee.

Rare is the time when a non-player impacts a play in real time. (A notable exception from college: The 1982 “Band is on the Field” game.) And there are no confirmed instances of the implementation of the palpably unfair clause, even if you could argue that it was warranted when Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin ended up on the field during a kick return in a 2013 game against the Baltimore Ravens.

On the other hand, you could assume all kinds of rule manipulation by Glover Quin Authentic Womens Jersey NFL teams if the palpably unfair limitation wasn’t in place. The 49ers used their opportunity at a perfect moment, but it’s not something anyone can build a long-term strategy with.

As always, the chart lists the NFL’s Week 11 referee assignments filtered by penalty frequency in their games this season.