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I do feel guilty. But we had such great times.

I do feel guilty. But we had such great times. They met when Stephens was looking for a female lead his West End thriller Murderer, by Shaffer, 1975. As Stephens told it, the race was on for the only available girl Brandon Browner Jersey I do feel guilty. But we had such great times.the cast by the time the show reached Brighton, just before the West End. was married to the actor director Don Hawkins, by whom she had a , , then about five years old. But according to Stephens, this did not deter the runners on the starting line, who were myself, the author and the director Clifford . As soon as knew I was the running, that knocked the others clean out of the competition!

Their 20 years together was turbulent. Stephens clawed his way out of a messy marriage to Smith and built on his early boy reputation to achieve success at the National Theatre and with the RSC. He was something of a vagabond, with few possessions and little sense of social responsibility. was a smart Belfast girl, daughter of a bookmaker, who knew her worth. She managed to care for her wayward hero and maintain her lifestyle as a party girl, even if her acting credits suffered.

She particularly enjoyed schmoozing with who was president of the RSC. I loved going to Sandringham, although I kept forgetting Brandon Mebane Jersey to respect the protocol that the loves talking about himself! I love talking about me! I adore him. I just wish he’d get on and , but leave a little time for me, too. He’s terribly flirtatious, you know! was never afraid of the limelight. She was a champion gymnast at school and had appeared the television series Z Cars where she met her first husband, the producer Don Hawkins, even before she went to drama school. At Glasgow’s Citizens Theatre 1969, director Philip Prowse called her the most brilliant actress ever to pass through their doors.

When she married Hawkins, she wore the headdress Prowse designed for her character, Dunn, Shaw’s Heartbreak House. The first night of The Horror Show, at the Court 1973 – moving on to a converted cinema the King’s Road – changed her life, and those of fellow cast-members Tim Curry, Julie Covington, Rayner Bourton and.