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Quarterback Blake Bortles is dealing with a sprained shoulder

Fantasy owners will want to find out if running back Mark Ingram is OK after he was evaluated for a concussion last Thursday. Ingram and coach Sean Payton have suggested he’ll be fine, but it remains to be seen if he will miss any time. The Saints are also hoping to get back top cornerback Delvin Breaux (fibula) and left tackle Terron Armstead (knee) after an extra-long break between games. Breaux and Alfred Blue Authentic Womens Jersey Armstead are two of the top five players on the team and can help make a late-season playoff push if healthy.

Cordarrelle Patterson’s 104-yard kickoff return gave the Vikings a big boost against the Cardinals.

On a first down with 2:18 left in the half, Kelley picked up an easy five yards up the middle when Thomas failed to press the line of scrimmage and take on a block by center Spencer Long. Instead, when Long got out to Thomas he just walled the linebacker out of the play. It was only a five-yard gain, but teams will be able to do that all day.

Then four plays later, Kelley scored a big touchdown on a 10-yard run up the gut. If you watch the video, Martinez pressed the line and helped force Kelley to cut back. Thomas should have done the same and taken on a block at about the 9. But he’s not stout enough to, so he stood at the 7 and was worked over by tight end Vernon Davis.

That gave Kelley a two-way go, and the running back picked the open alley to the end zone. Instead of possibly going into halftime tied at 10, the Packers trailed 14-10. That was a big play. You can’t play inside linebacker five yards off the line of scrimmage. That’s Andre Hal Authentic Womens Jersey what got Sam Barrington cut earlier this season.

So yes, the Packers’ defense has collapsed in the last month. But while Capers is a convenient target, it doesn’t mean he’s the right one.

Jared Cook added an explosive element the Packers’ offense was missing while he was out with a severe ankle sprain. But if he impressed with his six receptions and 17.5-yard average, he also showed the concentration issues that have plagued him in his NFL career. You don’t normally think of tight ends as fumblers because they’re big and strong, but late in the game Cook failed to protect the ball when he ran into traffic after catching a screen pass, which allowed cornerback Josh Norman to punch it out. Washington’s recovery clinched the game.