Let’s not forget Marshall and Richardson had a heated altercation after the Week 3 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs

“We didn’t play as a team,” said Quincy Enunwa, including himself in that assessment. “There was a lot of selfish ball. That’s not really going to help you win.” Asked what he meant by “selfish,” Enunwa said, “I’d like to keep that in-house.”

The Jets should have stolen this game — it would have changed the complexion of their season — but they didn’t have the mental toughness in pressure situations. It raises questions about team chemistry. In a virtual must-win game, how do Richardson and Wilkerson allow themselves to get benched? Neither one of them is having a good season, and this behavior creates a poor optic. They’re supposed to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

This was a strange game. There Bruce Irvin Jersey were some encouraging signs, as Ryan Fitzpatrick rallied from a knee injury and two interceptions to put the Jets ahead 23-20 with an 18-yard touchdown pass with 5:42 play. But the major takeaway was the lack of discipline on and off the field, and the lack of accountability after the game.

Sheldon Richardson and Muhammad Wilkerson, both of whom were benched for the first quarter, bolted the locker room instead of answering questions from reporters. A tight-lipped Todd Bowles refused to say why he benched his so-called defensive stars, repeatedly calling it a “coach’s decision.” Presumably, he sat them for disciplinary reasons, perhaps showing up late for a meeting, as Wilkerson did last season to earn a one-quarter benching.

Fitzpatrick and wide receiver Brandon Marshallare supposed Bryan Walters Jersey to be the leaders of the team, but they were caught on camera screaming at each other on the sideline during the second quarter. What happened to the BFFs? It brought back memories of the Santonio Holmes-Wayne Hunter huddle scuffle in the 2011 finale at Miami.

During the game itself, the Jets lost their poise in the first half, as Richardson, Calvin Pryor, Buster Skrine and Julian Stanford were called for personal fouls — dumb penalties. Pryor didn’t stick around to discuss his taunting penalty. All told, the Jets had 10 penalties for 77 yards.

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