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Wizards, Rockets, Warriors take commanding 2-0 leads

To NBA fans in Atlanta, Oklahoma City and Portland: avert your eyes. You’re not going to like your playoff odds.

The Wizards, Rockets and Warriors all grabbed 2-0 series leads Wednesday with victories at home against the Hawks, Thunder and Trail Blazers. Prior to Wednesday night’s slate of NBA playoff games, ESPN Stats and Info pointed out 94 percent of teams with 2-0 leads in best-of-seven series have advanced. So it’s an uphill climb, to say the least.

Unsurprisingly, those developments have also made big men on less desirable contracts functionally unmovable without their current team surrendering assets because they provide less value and fewer franchises will have substantial cap space. That reduced number of teams with salary flexibility should drive salaries down for this summer’s non-elite free agents as well, so contracts to perceived starters like Noah and Mozgov will continue to look bad, but many front offices will be able to do much better with their free-agent dollars than 2016 deals for backup centers Dwight Powell, Jon Leuer, Boban Marjanovic and Al Jefferson.

As was the case last summer, the front offices that do best in 2017 could be those who just wait out their impatient counterparts and those who do not have the salary flexibility to make mistakes. In 2016, the Warriors produced a surprisingly solid center rotation with Zaza Pachulia, David West and JaVale McGee while both the Rockets (Nene) and Spurs (Dewayne Dedmon) added key rotation pieces with their Room Mid-Level exceptions.

Of course, not every team can sell the prospect of playing time on a title contender. Incidentally, each of those three teams will need to strike gold again with similar constraints since all of those signees will be free agents again, but they will not be players in the higher end trade market.

Dan Shulman leaving ESPN’s ‘Sunday Night Baseball’ booth after season

Dan Shulman’s seventh season as the play-by-play man for ESPN’s “Sunday Night Baseball” broadcasts will be his last.

Taylor is a 25-year-old reliever for the Triple-A Las Vegas 51s, who were in town for a series against the Salt Lake Bees. Las Vegas manager Pedro Lopez told the Review-Journal Taylor needed six or seven staples in his head to close the wound.

Thank you to everybody who has reached out to me to check on me, it has meant a lot and I’ll be back out there soon.

Lopez said two other 51s players witnessed the attack.

“They tried to go after the guy when they realized it was Logan, but (the police) ended up catching the guy later on,” Lopez said.

Taylor, an Oklahoma native in his sixth season with the Mets organization, has been played on the seven-day disabled list. The Mets told the Review-Journal they had no comment on the incident.

Clubs are permitted to open preseason training camp for rookies beginning seven days prior to the club’s earliest permissible mandatory reporting date for veteran players. Veteran players other than quarterbacks or injured players may report to a club’s preseason training camp no earlier than 15 days prior to the club’s first scheduled preseason game or July 15, whichever is later.

A three-day acclimation period will apply to players who are on a club’s roster up to and including the mandatory veteran reporting date. Players who report to camp, or join the club’s roster, or receive medical clearance to practice during the three-day acclimation period are required to complete as much of the acclimation period as remains. Players who report to camp, or join the club’s roster, or receive medical clearance to practice after the three-day acclimation period has ended may practice (including wearing pads) and play immediately after passing a physical.warriors_007-115x115

Verizon lands NFL deal to stream Ravens-Jaguars from London

Pegula: No, it’s not the same situation. It’s a different team, different issues. We need to get better.

There have been a lot of reports and speculation since the end of the season about Doug Whaley’s future. You’ve mentioned you enjoyed working with him. How tough was it that he kind of got strung along here a little bit in the last few months?

Pegula: There were a few tears around the building, to be honest with you. He’s a good guy.

Terry, it’s been reported that Brandon Beane, the assistant GM in Carolina, is a candidate. Can you confirm that?

Pegula: We haven’t started any — had one discussion regarding who our candidate is.

Terry, do you have a structure of what you want the front office to be? Whether it’s the head coach reporting to the GM, or Director of Football Operations, or whatever it is – or are you going to let the candidates in the interview —

Pegula: We’ve got to let that roll and see how it shapes out as we talk to people.

For a mere $21 million, Verizon has earned the right to stream the Ravens-Jaguars game from London on Sept. 24, The Wall Street Journal reports.

The matchup will be shown on three Verizon-owned platforms: AOL, Complex and go90, the report said. It could also end up on Yahoo if Verizon’s pending $4.5 billion deal for that company is finalized.

Yahoo was the NFL’s partner the first time it tried a streaming-only broadcast in 2015. The rights to that London-based Jaguars-Bills game went for $15 million. cubs_958

6 NFL free agent signings we want to see in 2017

Some free agent signings are destined to change the trajectory of a franchise. Peyton Manning and Reggie White were the missing pieces that returned the Broncos and Packers, respectively, to glory. Drew Brees turned the Saints from rudderless also-ran into a world championship club. Curtis Martin jumped ship from the Patriots to become the Jets’ all-time leading rusher.

But for every natural fit, there are several more missed opportunities that made sense on paper but never came to fruition. Barry Sanders never left Detroit, instead choosing to re-sign with the team that shackled him to a 1-5 postseason record. Larry Fitzgerald’s unwavering loyalty to Arizona prevented him from playing in wide receiver Xanadu with Tom Brady and the Patriots. Franchises can share the blame for these missed opportunities, as well; Miami passed on signing Brees in favor of luring Daunte Culpepper to South Beach.

The Texans have a dominant defense, and that’s how Houston has managed to make the playoffs in each of the past two seasons with a carousel of ineptitude at quarterback. In 2015, Houston won its division by virtue of the division being the AFC South, despite the fact that they had to work with Brian Hoyer, T.J. Yates, Brandon Weeden, and even B.J. Daniels behind center for a couple of snaps.

Last franchise quarterback: Because the Texans are such a young franchise, there are really only three quarterback eras in team history — David Carr, Matt Schaub, and then this mess that started with Ryan Fitzpatrick. Schaub was actually pretty consistent and pretty good for the most part, when he was healthy, from 2007 through 2013.7

Pittsburgh Steelers want James Harrison back for 2017

The Pittsburgh Steelers are interested in keeping James Harrison around for another season — and the ageless linebacker feels the same way.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported Tuesday that mutual interest exists between the team and the 38-year-old free agent, according to Harrison’s agent, Bill Parise.

“The sides have not begun negotiating in earnest, but it sounds like a matter of time before it happens,” Rapoport reported.

It echoes what Steelers president Art Rooney II said last month, telling the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that the club is “open” to reuniting with Harrison, while noting: “I think he is, (too).”

Josh McCown, quarterback, Cleveland Browns

McCown performed valiantly for the Browns, but Cleveland is no place for a 37-year-old quarterback. The Browns cut the veteran before he entered his third and final year of his contract. McCown intends to play elsewhere in 2017.

The chance Cutler works out in New York is slim, and yet, at a time when there isn’t a ton to be excited about as a Jets fan, Cutler still has enough juice to make the thought appealing. (That sound you hear is Bears fans chuckling at my ignorance.) And for the army of Cutler haters out there who don’t think he will have many options on the open market, just know that Josh McCown, a man who extended his career for half a decade thanks to six weeks as a Cutler injury replacement, said this week that “four or five” teams have contacted him. That’s right. Josh McCown has so many teams interested in his services that he’s lost count.

Kiper and Mayock disagree on DeShone Kizer

When he’s playing really well, he dictates what happens in the game, even if he doesn’t make the final pass or score a goal. He makes everyone around him look more calm and composed, because they have him to combine with and he never seems to take a bad touch or make the wrong pass. He gives the attackers freedom to run and be themselves because he will either find them with a pass or bring the ball up to them, and he puts the defense at ease because they always have him as a last-ditch option.

Then he combines with the midfield, drifting and passing around in such a mesmerizing manner that the other team realizes that it’s just better to sit back than to try to take the ball. When defenders do try to put him under pressure, he wriggles out of it masterfully, and so they have to respect him and back off in fear that he will turn and take them out the game with a few touches. All of this makes him so invaluable.

And when he’s doing that, when he’s in his zone, Barcelona are irresistible. They flow. Things come easy. Everything is fun. When he’s not, it’s all disjointed. When he’s giving the ball away against PSG, running into dead ends and being spooked by defenders closing him down, he doesn’t look like Iniesta and Barcelona don’t look like Barcelona.

Interestingly enough, Notre Dame quarterback DeShone Kizer isn’t a factor in Kiper’s mock.’s Mike Mayock released his pre-combine rankings by position this week, and Kizer sits atop his quarterback rankings. Mayock has Watson ranked second, and Trubisky comes in third.

A lot will happen between now and the draft, and as rosters take shape during free agency, Kiper’s mock draft will likely change. For now, though, he expects defense to be the priority for most of the teams picking near the top of the draft.

The Eagles have finally learned to appreciate Brandon Graham

“Its been a looooong time comiiiiing, but I knooooow a change gone coooooome. Oh yes it will!”

I’m pretty sure Brandon Graham has had to listen to a lil’ Sam Cooke at some point during his first five years in the league to get through the day. Here’s a guy who came out strong his rookie year in 2010, only to tear his ACL near the end of the season. This was before the Adrian Peterson ACL rehab timetable, so Graham’s recovery ended up cutting into his second year as well. He started the season on the PUP list, which meant he couldn’t play in the first six games. Eventually he did heal up, but he was only active for three of the last seven games that year. From that point forward, it seems like he was never fully appreciated in Philadelphia.

Jackson’s ADP is hovering near Round 7 right now, putting him around the No. 30 wide receiver taken. Even with a rookie quarterback, Jackson should easily beat that mark.

They hype train has left the station for this guy. Hankerson stood out in OTAs, he continues to impress in training camp and reports suggest he’s even pushing Roddy White for the WR2 job. McFadden did return to training camp on Saturday, but the team also is dealing with injuries to Lance Dunbar and Joseph Randle, along with undrafted free agent Gus Johnson. Johnson sustained a separated shoulder in Thursday’s preseason game against the San Diego Chargers.

The latter might be a stretch, but Hankerson is making noise. The 26-year-old’s career was subjected to injuries from the start, which is why he doesn’t have much to show after four seasons in the NFL. Could this be the year he finally holds up?

Take a look at Hankerson’s profile (via RotoUnderworld).

The Lakers have enjoyed a massive leap in pace

I’ve added Murray in several deeper leagues (of at least 12 teams) with the hope he can emerge as a shooting specialist as a rookie and eventually evolve into a valuable combo guard in similar fashion to the career arc Brandon Roy enjoyed. Owned in just 11 percent of ESPN leagues, speculating if this is the start of a breakout trend for the professional freshman costs only a roster Parker Ehinger Authentic Womens Jersey spot at this point.

In terms of a veteran shooting specialist who shouldn’t have any problems sustaining minutes and 3-point production this season, the Los Angeles Lakers’ Nick Young is enjoying a revival to his best days with the Wizards. In fact, we can even deem Young’s impressive shooting prowess a breakout of sorts, as he entered Friday tied for sixth in the league in 3-pointers made (2.6 average) with Damian Lillard and Zach LaVine thanks to rare shooting freedom in Luke Walton’s reenergized scheme.

Carlisle on Barnes’ promising start:

“It’s a totally different mindset and metabolic approach to how he’s had to deal with offense in the last four years. He’s been clear-cut the fourth option at Golden State. When you’re playing with guys like, you know, [Stephen] Curry and Thompson and [Draymond] Green, you become kind of a bottom-feeder. You’re playing off of all the attention those guys get and now he’s one of those guys for us. This is a different level of responsibility. To say you’re now sitting at the grown-ups’ table is a great understatement.

“This is as challenging as it gets. but this guy wants to be great. He wants to learn. And he wants responsibility and you can’t say that about every 24-year old in his position. … And as a coach, if you have your choice of a kind of guy you want to Phillip Gaines Authentic Womens Jersey work with who’s a young player with the opportunity to get better, I wouldn’t take anybody other than Harrison Barnes right now just because of his attitude.”

The Lakers have enjoyed a massive leap in pace — their 4.3 percent increase from last season ranks third highest in the league — while Los Angeles’ 7.9 percent uptick in offensive rating is by far the highest in the NBA from last year to this season. As ESPN’s Baxter Holmes recently wrote, “Only a few months ago, Young believed the Lakers would trade him, buy out his contract or cut him.

Going to WAR: The mystery of Robbie Ray

In late March, the Diamondbacks named Robbie Ray their fifth starter. As is the case with most fifth starters, Ray’s outlook was uncertain. He might scuffle along close to the line known Andy Lee Authentic Jersey by statheads as “replacement level,” eating innings but allowing roughly as many runs as a scrubby Triple-A understudy would. He might carry forward the gains he made in 2015 and measure out as an average or better major league starter. Or he might continue adding velocity and tweaking his repertoire and turn into something close to an ace. With baseball, who can say until it has happened?

With Ray, though, it’s hard to say even after it happened. By wins above replacement, he was worth a pitiful 0.7 wins last year, worse than Archie Bradley (the pitcher Ray beat out for the fifth starter’s job) and Chase Anderson (the pitcher Arizona traded the previous winter to help make room for Ray). On the other hand, by wins above replacement, he was worth a robust 3.0 wins last year, tied with Cole Hamels and Marco Estrada.

It puts heavy emphasis on those things a pitcher controls, then attempts to determine the pitcher’s share of responsibility for everything else. According to tests run by its creator, Jonathan Judge, it’s the most predictive pitcher-evaluation model. It’s also beyond the average fan’s ability to dive into. Why does WARP like Robbie Ray? For most of us, the answer stalls at “because WARP likes Robbie Ray.”

Who is Robbie Ray, really? In 2010, he was drafted in the 12th round by the Washington Nationals. That doesn’t do justice to his talent at the time: He signed for nearly $800,000, about what a low first-round pick might have expected.

Arizona’s Paul Goldschmidt’s OPS dropped by more than 100 points in 2016, but it was still a healthy .900.

Curtis: He adds lefty bullpen depth, but is not overpowering. He had 52 K’s in Brenton Bersin Authentic Jersey 30.1 innings in the minors, but skipped Triple-A in going to the majors. He’s likely ticketed for Triple-A.

The signs of promise Jay Cutler showed last year have dissipated

The goal: pick out teams in which the future looks either dramatically better or worse than it did when the season started.

Even given low expectations, the Bears have been disappointing. Injuries have ravaged Chicago, with 14 players on injured reserve and free-agent-to-be Alshon Jeffery suspended. The signs of promise Jay Cutler showed last year have dissipated, and the expected improvement from the defense has pushed them to only 24th in defensive DVOA. The development of first-round pick Leonard Floyd — who has 4.5 sacks and six hits over the past three weeks — is promising, but there are precious few building blocks on this team, which looks to be years away Eric Ebron Authentic Womens Jersey from contending with the QB situation a mystery.

So who is the best wide receiver in the NFL right now? With the help of six NFL assistant coaches and personnel, we reached a verdict. And the results might surprise you.

The NFL rulebook also uses this umbrella to address random (or seemingly random) turns of fate. If a player is knocked down on the field of play by, say, a photographer who is out of position, the play is to be ruled palpably unfair and the assumed yardage is to be marked off. And the commissioner has the right to overturn the outcome of a game because of a palpably unfair act that wasn’t adjudicated adequately by the referee.

Rare is the time when a non-player impacts a play in real time. (A notable exception from college: The 1982 “Band is on the Field” game.) And there are no confirmed instances of the implementation of the palpably unfair clause, even if you could argue that it was warranted when Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin ended up on the field during a kick return in a 2013 game against the Baltimore Ravens.

On the other hand, you could assume all kinds of rule manipulation by Glover Quin Authentic Womens Jersey NFL teams if the palpably unfair limitation wasn’t in place. The 49ers used their opportunity at a perfect moment, but it’s not something anyone can build a long-term strategy with.

As always, the chart lists the NFL’s Week 11 referee assignments filtered by penalty frequency in their games this season.