Alex Smith is looking like he has a few seasons of top play left for Kansas City.

Alex Smith is looking like he has a few seasons of top play left for Kansas City. Mahomes is looking at a longer-than-expected wait to be a starter. Meanwhile, the Chiefs are in “win Super Bowl now” mode and don’t have all the defensive parts — especially with safety Eric Berry lost for the season — to get the job done.

Sending Mahomes to Carson Palmer-less Arizona to get Larry Fitzgerald and put the offense over the top would be great, but there’s no chance of that because of Fitzgerald’s no-trade clause and the Chiefs’ limited cap space. So the Chiefs should consider moving unknown offense later for defensive help now, instead.

Inside the convention center, they hugged a crying couple that lost a friend at the concert. “I’ll remember that forever,” Engelland says. “Seeing what they went through, how much they’re hurting right now. You don’t know what to say. You don’t know what to do. You want to do so much more.”

“Brad and I raced as clean as we could race each other, beating and bumping each other, and had a hard-fought battle for the lead,” Elliott said. “That was not a battle [with Hamlin] at all. That was just a wreck.”

“That was our recurring theme, that there’s no leadership,” said another executive familiar with Thursday’s conference call. “Everyone [in the league office] is trying to win the latest news cycle, and there’s no long-term vision. It’s just, ‘How can we minimize the bad headlines, maximize the revenue and move on to the next day?’ And there’s an increasing frustration to that approach.”

McNair also expressed frustration with the league’s leadership when he sought to clarify his “inmates” comment in a statement released Saturday.

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