Tony Romo would be the WORST person to watch a movie with

Imagine former NFL star and current color commentator Tony Romo invites you over for a movie night — you’re gonna say yes, right? You pretty much have to: Romo was a good quarterback, a great broadcaster, and generally seems like a swell guy.

But let’s be real — movie night with Tony Romo would be the absolute WORST.

Since taking a job at CBS to replace Phil Simms, Romo has made a name for himself by predicting what will happen before a play transpires.

In other words … he’s a spoiler machine. Earlier today, he even correctly predicted a touchdown in the Patriots-Saints game.

Goodell’s contract expires in 2019 and many assumed an extension would be in place before the season began. Now the negotiations have hit a snag. It’s believed Jones is operating as a seventh voice on the committee, standing for the 26 owners not represented on the committee and reportedly believes the commissioner should take a pay cut.

One source even countered, insisting, “This is about money and a guy (Goodell) making way too much money on a grossly stupid contract for the job.”
The initial reaction is to assume Jones is standing up for fans who hate the direction of the NFL under Goodell’s leadership, but that’s not the case. Owners are happy with the commissioner, they just want him to make less money.

“Jerry’s not saying, ‘Don’t hire Roger.’ He’s saying, ‘I hate this (proposed) deal, redo it,'” said one source.
Neither Jones nor the NFL is commenting on the report, and it’s unlikely any contract snag will result in Goodell not being the commissioner in the future — but debates are being had internally on whether Goodell is making more money than he deserves.


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