The Sixers helped ‘Raise the Cat’ all the way to Catmissioner of Sports 2017

Tuesday, Aug. 8 was International Cat Day and SB Nation decided it was time to give an inaugural award to a sports-focused cat ready to take on a leadership role in the community.
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We received dozens of good entries. There were cats wearing jerseys, cats watching TV, cats curled up with balls, and a dead deer at the bottom of a pool because that kind of thing happens when you ask for something on the internet.

Decisions like which cat is made a commissioner should not be made by a small group of people. The democratic process must be respected, and as such we put the nominees up for vote on Twitter.

The league also reduced instances of five games in seven nights from 70 to 36 — now an average of 1.2 per team.

In addition, the NBA reduced the number of back-to-back games from 16.3 per team last season to 14.4 this year, a decrease of 11.7 percent. No team has more than 16 back-to-backs and none will play fewer than 13.

Limited Malik Hooker Jersey The league also ensured that no marquee national TV matchups will be played on the second night of a back-to-back.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver made player rest an area of emphasis this summer after the Cavaliers, Warriors, and Spurs each rested their star players in late March and early April on nights they were expected to appear in nationally televised games. Hopefully, the restructured season results in a win for the players, the league and — most importantly — the fans.

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