The Cowboys don’t know what they’re going to do with Tony Romo

The Cowboys aren’t sure if they’ll put Tony Romo on injured reserve or keep him on the 53-man roster. Wait, why? There’s a chance Romo could return sooner than the 6-10 week window that’s been reported. He’s getting a second MRI, which should reveal more information about his status.

The Cowboys went 1-11 without Romo last season, which puts all the more pressure on Prescott to deliver. The team lost veteran backup Kellen Moore to a broken ankle early in training camp.

Sanchez is a turnover-prone quarterback Anquan Boldin Jersey who couldn’t earn the job in Denver. However, he’s a quarterback with plenty of starting experience and someone the Cowboys can at least win games with, so long as a grinding rushing attack and strong defense leads the way. Ideally though, Sanchez will never see the field in Dallas.

Though Harrison eventually capitulated, he gave the league the most public blowback. A frequent critic of Goodell — he’s called the commissioner Antwione Williams Jersey “the devil” — Harrison originally challenged league investigators to conduct the interview at his house. It wound up being held at the Steelers’ facility. The NFL found no new evidence during the interviews.

The accusations stem from an Al Jazeera America documentary titled The Dark Side, which features pharmacist Charlie Sly alleging he provided PEDs to a wide swath of American professional athletes. The biggest name Sly mentioned was Peyton Manning, whom Sly said received shipments of human growth hormone to his house under his wife’s name in 2011 while he was recovering from neck surgery.

After Manning cooperated with the league investigation, the NFL announced in July it couldn’t find any credible evidence that ties Manning to HGH or other banned substances.

Though Sly recanted his statements shortly after the video was released, the NFL still felt compelled to go forward with an investigation. It sets a scary precedent for players, who may now be forced to answer rumors at the behest of the league if they want to avoid disciplinary action. Yet in the wake of the NFL’s DeflateGate victory over Tom Brady, Goodell’s authority has never been stronger.

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