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Predators fans showed P.K. Subban wholehearted support after Mike Milbury’s dancing criticism

A few days ago, NBC hockey analyst Mike Milbury called P.K. Subban a clown for dancing during warmups because he’s a hater and haters are going to hate.
Nolan Carroll Kids Jersey Houston didn’t have its current personnel. Corey Brewer, K.J. McDaniels, Tyler Ennis, Dekker and Montrezl Harrell all played a serious enough amount of minutes to drag the Rockets’ second unit offense down (Dekker was a bright spot). Houston’s current offense is predicated around having four three-point shooters on the floor at all times. At points in games against the Spurs this season, Houston had no more than two.

Isaiah Crowell Kids Jersey The Spurs play really good close-out defense. They’re an old team, but you wouldn’t know it from how close they are to many of the Rockets three point attempts. They’re not quick enough to force Houston’s shooters off the three point line like the Utah Jazz, but the Spurs use their basketball IQ to close out on almost every shot. It’s fun to watch an aging Pau Gasol close out on a Patrick Beverley three point attempt.

James Harden took lots of pull up threes because San Antonio’s defense burns the shot clock. Mike D’Antoni’s ¡®Seven Seconds or Less’ Suns faced this same problem. Despite having a historic offense run by Steve Nash they’d fail to crest 100 points in some playoff games against Popovich’s defenses. The Spurs had the best defense in the league this season by defensive rating and in their games against Houston their composure and system forced Houston into taking bad three pointers, not wide open looks Rockets shooters have been hitting all year.

Getting back to Lou Williams… Eric Gordon saved the Rockets bacon in two of these games with his shooting. He lead the Rockets in scoring in game two. In game three he went cold and the Rockets offense faltered at several points. Williams coming off the bench in game two or three would have been the difference and in this series it could easily be the difference.