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Chriss would stare at the refs after every Diaw assault with a look that was both angry and desperate

Then, as sometimes happens to this club, Golden State played lethargically and quickly ceded much of what they¡¯d earned. Their David West plus-length lineup struggled to score, and it helped to fuel a 23-6 run for Memphis. It took the Warriors more than seven minutes to score those six meager points.

Down the stretch, using the Super Death Lineup (Curry, Thompson, Iguodala, Green, Durant), it looked like the Warriors would power through — even with the awkwardness of Durant guarding burly Zach Randolph. At the 1:20 mark, leading by two, Curry got the lumbering Gasol switched onto him, drove and stutter-stepped through contact for the layup.

Then, the end of regulation was ugliest of all for Golden State. Tony Allen muscled home a follow-up to a key offensive rebound. With the Warriors up two, the Warriors delivered what might have been their most awkward sequence of the season. As Curry dribbled, it appeared that Durant did not know where to be, as Green gesticulated. The play led to a Curry miss, salvaged by a Thompson rebound.

Experienced big men of the NBA: Stop being so mean to Marquese Chriss! He’s only 19! Post-up bullies just steal this poor kid’s lunch money at every opportunity, and Chriss is too skinny and inexperienced to do anything about it. Boris Diaw held extended tea-time sessions against Chriss a few weeks ago in Utah; Diaw got the ball up high, saw Chriss in front of him, and just sort of butted his way, ass-first, to the rim for layups.
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Chriss would stare at the refs after every Diaw assault with a look that was both angry and desperate: WHY AREN’T YOU DOING ANYTHING TO HELP ME AGAINST THIS LARGE FRENCH MAN? PLEASE HELP! THIS HAS TO BE SOME SORT OF VIOLATION!

Game Youth Will Lutz Jersey Chriss has a fun bad-boy spunk, but refs aren’t having any of it from a teenager. He’s a tech magnet, and Earl Watson, the Suns coach, has chastised Chriss several times for his ongoing dialogue with officials.