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5 winners and 5 losers from the Lions’ 24-10 win over the Giants

The New York Giants have some serious offensive problems to deal with and led to a 24-10 win for the Detroit Lions on Monday Night Football.

New York has the complete inability to run the ball, and its offense relies on Eli Manning to avoid swarms of pass rushers in time to throw to a receiving corps made up of deep threats. It’s a less than ideal situation.

Detroit had some offensive struggles of its own, but the team’s defense looked good and the offense did what it needed to get to 2-0 and drop the Giants to 0-2.

Here were a few of the winners and losers from Monday night:

Watson was the best player in Clemson history, and he almost destroyed the Alabama Death Star in 2015’s national title game before he finished that job in a rematch a year later. Not only was a bad word never spoken about Watson. His teammates advocated for him relentlessly, and his head coach said that passing on him would be akin to passing on Michael Jordan.

Tom Savage has only had three career starts, including Week 1’s game against the Jaguars when he was pulled for Watson at halftime. O’Brien has had a quick trigger with quarterbacks in Houston, despite previously being heralded as a quarterback whisperer.

O’Brien has gotten just enough out of his bottom-tier quarterbacks in Houston, but he hasn’t had anyone who could be a game-changer. Watson could be that guy.
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Andy Dalton would get a mean mug for a receiver setting him up like that. If Russell Bodine did the same, you really couldn’t blame him. Watt shook his soul.
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Dalton played a bad game on Thursday night. He was 20-of-35 passing with 224 yards and no touchdowns. The Bengals offense was just a drag to watch.