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LeSean McCoy looks ready for Week 1, but Victor Cruz does not

The NFL season is a battle of attrition, and several teams are already dealing with injuries to key starters before the games even begin. Often times, a team is only as strong as its weakest link, and a couple of bonafide Super Bowl contenders are going to have to find that out probably far earlier than they wanted to.

There were a number of injury updates Wednesday, and the biggest ones are listed below:

Coughlin was a legendary disciplinarian with the Jaguars. Some of his former players would say he was overly harsh or ridiculous, though there were usually some colorful adjectives thrown in there, too.

Consequences for breaking those rules were severe. He once fined two Jaguars players $500 each for missing a team meeting before a playoff game. That they had been in a car accident was irrelevant; they should have left earlier. Coughlin, most recently a head coach of the New York Giants, also once fined Michael Strahan $1,000 for being only two minutes early to a meeting.

Game Mens Yadier Molina Jersey The Jaguars are a young team — 38 of the 53 players on the active roster are in their fourth year or less — and young teams need to be handled strictly. Even the players agree. One said teammates arrived late to meetings and skipped mandatory recovery stations every Friday. Another player said there was a lack of fear of breaking the rules and the repercussions for doing so were not severe enough.

That’s going to change with Coughlin in charge.

Game Mens Xavier Grimble Jersey It might be a rough adjustment, but some hard-line discipline is exactly what this franchise needs right now.