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6 NFL free agent signings we want to see in 2017

Some free agent signings are destined to change the trajectory of a franchise. Peyton Manning and Reggie White were the missing pieces that returned the Broncos and Packers, respectively, to glory. Drew Brees turned the Saints from rudderless also-ran into a world championship club. Curtis Martin jumped ship from the Patriots to become the Jets’ all-time leading rusher.

But for every natural fit, there are several more missed opportunities that made sense on paper but never came to fruition. Barry Sanders never left Detroit, instead choosing to re-sign with the team that shackled him to a 1-5 postseason record. Larry Fitzgerald’s unwavering loyalty to Arizona prevented him from playing in wide receiver Xanadu with Tom Brady and the Patriots. Franchises can share the blame for these missed opportunities, as well; Miami passed on signing Brees in favor of luring Daunte Culpepper to South Beach.

The Texans have a dominant defense, and that’s how Houston has managed to make the playoffs in each of the past two seasons with a carousel of ineptitude at quarterback. In 2015, Houston won its division by virtue of the division being the AFC South, despite the fact that they had to work with Brian Hoyer, T.J. Yates, Brandon Weeden, and even B.J. Daniels behind center for a couple of snaps.

Last franchise quarterback: Because the Texans are such a young franchise, there are really only three quarterback eras in team history — David Carr, Matt Schaub, and then this mess that started with Ryan Fitzpatrick. Schaub was actually pretty consistent and pretty good for the most part, when he was healthy, from 2007 through 2013.7

NCAA champion green bay flyers on 33 win even ducks chargers use Ware’s oracle one side port allowed.

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Shaq’s mom told her son to stop beefing with JaVale McGee

A pratfall steal by Patrick Patterson. And a game-winner in Madison Square Garden for DeMar DeRozan.

Speaking of MSG, those wackadoo Knicks decided to waive Brandon Jennings and stick Joakim Noah under the knife. Go Knicks.

This robot is a lottery pick if she develops a jumper.

Michael Lee notes that if either Russell Westbrook or James Harden (or LeBron, Kawhi, or Dion, for that matter) win MVP, it’ll be the first time in a decade the award goes to someone who didn’t participate in the previous Team USA tournament in the season after such a tournament.

Shaq’s mom told her son to stop beefing with JaVale McGee. JaVale’s mom wants Shaq fired. By the way, Shaq is a 44-year-old man and JaVale is a 29-year-old man.

He has mentored two current Big 12 head coaches ¡ª Texas’ Tom Herman, Kansas’ David Beaty (not to mention Colorado defensive coordinator D.J. Eliot and Rutgers offensive coordinator-turned-Herman assistant Drew Mehringer) ¡ª without ever coaching in a major conference himself.

And in a decade at Rice, he has managed to both win a Conference USA title (unlikely) and average a 5-7 season without getting fired (perhaps even more unlikely).

Biggest strength: Samuel Stewart is a legitimately exciting back when healthy, and he¡¯ll have one of the league¡¯s best lines.

Game Youth Vince Wilfork Jersey Biggest question mark: Rice¡¯s defense was horrendous, especially against the pass. Injury had a role, but … it was really bad. How much improvement can you expect in one offseason?

Elite Mens Nate Solder Jersey Biggest 2017 game: The loser of the Week 2 game at UTEP (Sept. 9) is virtually eliminated from bowl contention. So win that.

Falcons vs. Vikings final score: 3 things we learned from Minnesota’s 41-28 over Atlanta

The Minnesota Vikings turned to rookie quarterback Teddy Bridgewater against the Atlanta Falcons and the rookie came through with a promising performance, leading the Vikings to a 41-28 win over the Falcons.

A week after they decimated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Atlanta was unable to repeat that performance and dropped to 2-2 on the season. The game was close through three quarters with Atlanta taking a 28-27 lead into the final quarter. It was all Vikings from there with Minnesota rattling off 14 unanswered points to seal the victory.
Authentic Kids Lavelle Hawkins Jersey
Injuries played a big role for both sides. Bridgewater was forced out late in the game while Atlanta had to play with a makeshift offensive line. It all added up to an interesting back-and-forth affair.

Teddy Bridgewater can play. But can he survive?

With four games in the books, the Niners are 2-2, and despite a long line of distractions, have positioned themselves well for the second quarter of the season. If the defense can springboard off of this dominating performance and Kaepernick can get back to consistent play as a passer, San Francisco will remain a contender in the NFC.

Shorts caught just two passes for 25 yards on two targets before leaving the game. He was the Jags’ third leading receiver behind rookie Allen Hurns (four catches, 67 yards) and tight end Clay Harbor (six catches, 38 yards).

All of the Jags’ skill players are enjoying an efficient rookie debut for Blake Bortles. Nearing the end of the third quarter, Bortles is 19-for-23 passing for 159 yards, one touchdowns and one interceptions.

E’Twaun Moore Authentic Jersey Shorts had just five receptions for 35 yards entering Sunday’s game. The Jaguars made a concerted effort to update their receiving corps during the NFL Draft, selecting Allen Robinson and Marqise Lee with early picks.