Our 9 favorite left-handed players to ever play in the NBA

Sunday was International Left-handers Day, because it just being Sunday would have been entirely too predictable. It made us wonder: Who are the best left-handed players in NBA history?

Mens Brett Favre Jersey Irving wanted to request a trade after the Cavs won their title in 2016, but it was Griffin who talked him down from that demand, according to a report from ESPN. Irving’s relationship with Griffin is what kept him in Cleveland and made things work.

No, Griffin isn’t in the organization anymore. But he knows what he’s talking about. When he says Irving will probably be traded from Cleveland, it should be taken seriously. He knows how Irving feels and knows about his rocky relationship with the organization.

The Cavaliers don’t have to trade Irving, but it seems that there’s a chink there that’s beyond repair. As the Cavs GM, Griffin was able to fix it. But he’s in street clothes now and can’t set things back on the proper course.

Griffin noted that when Irving signed his extension in Cleveland, he didn’t anticipate LeBron James’ return. Instead, he was under the impression Gordon Hayward would be the main target and he’d be the main cog. Now, it seems, Irving wants to play out that scenario somewhere else.

Mens Kevin Shattenkirk Jersey For Hardaway, that part of superstardom is both real and significant. Leonard isn’t globally marketable in ways superstars should be, and he may never be. That’s why Hardaway isn’t wrong.

Not that it matters much to Leonard, anyway. He’ll just have to settle for being an incredible basketball player, which, in the long run, is just fine by him and perfect for the rest of us.

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