Here are the player walk-up songs selected for the 2017 NFL draft

Walk-up music isnt just for baseball. Its also part of the NFL draft.
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Here are the songs the 2017 prospects have picked to play as they walk up to the podium.

DeShone Kizer wins for being the most up-to-date with Kendrick Lamars DNA. John Ross wins middle school throwback, Successful, by Trey Songz and Drake. Solomon Thomas wins true power anthem with Upgrade U, by none other than the queen, Beyonc¨¦.

*Note, Crew is by GoldLink, Brett Faiyaz and Shy Glizzy, not Grizzly. Close, though. The lack of success stories so far hasnt stopped teams from pulling the trigger on Air Raid quarterbacks early in the draft, though. A year ago, the Los Angeles Rams sent a significant package to the Tennessee Titans for rights to the No. 1 pick and a chance to select Jared Goff ¡ª a 64, 215-pound quarterback who racked up stats and accolades in the Air Raid offense brought to Cal by Sonny Dykes.

It doesnt look likely to dissuade teams from going after Texas Techs Patrick Mahomes or Cals Davis Webb in 2017, either. Both quarterbacks are products of an offensive system that has yet to develop a competent NFL starter, but its bound to happen eventually, right? Right?

If you want to pretend that you, too, are on your way to the podium (or just want to get amped as hell) heres a Spotify playlist with all the songs. Cook has first-round talent and fell to the Vikings in the second because of some off-field concerns. Minnesota did add Latavius Murray in free agency, but Mixon should be a long-term answer to the void left by Adrian Peterson.
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The Saints defense has been consistently bad over the last few seasons, and the need for improved secondary play was pressing. Williams is a ball hawk with great instincts, and hes well-rounded. Hes solid against the run, too.

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