Hayward ran down all the different players Boston had acquired this season and expressed excitement.

There are questions, of course. The starting lineup will be light on 3-point shooting, assuming Goran Dragic, Dion Waiters and James Johnson can’t repeat career seasons. Reintegrating Justise Winslow’s busted jumper will be a challenge, though he fits nicely as a backup power forward alongside Kelly Olynyk.

But Miami goes 10-deep in proven rotation guys before you even count Bam Adebayo and Jordan Mickey. Erik Spoelstra will have them well-prepared, and leverage the math; only two teams allowed fewer corner 3s last season. That isn’t an accident. Miami’s conditioning is different than everyone else’s. Depth, coaching and effort win a lot of regular-season games.

Whether you’re a fan of Ball and his family or not, know this: If you draft him, you’re a fan. He is being compared to a young Jason Kidd because of his special passing ability and his knack for making everyone around him better. I don’t like buying into hype, but I have to admit it’d be fun to have Ball this Miguel Cabrera Womens Jersey season and ride the wave Authentic Jalen Collins Jersey to see where he can take my team. Taking Ball likely means passing on players such as Jrue Holiday and D’Angelo Russell, two other point guards with a similar ADP, so that’s something to consider. It’s also further evidence of the depth at point guard this season.

Make no mistake, Hayward is just as excited to play alongside Irving. The two gushed about each other during their dual introduction in early September. That dual news conference happened, in part, because all of Boston’s summer activity never afforded the team a chance to formally introduce Hayward before that.

During that conference,Irving, smiling next to him, leaned in with a proclamation.

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